The Mobius Trip

How Is it oDDly evEryday thiNgs Can devlOpe from the munDanE into something more?  For instance, take the Internet. Sure, we all know hyperlinks are the old fashion way of linking things to each other online. But, puzzles, codes and scavenger hunts have had us linking things in even deeper ways for much longer. Well, today Stimpygato has gone and mashed 'em up. So, click on through to find out all about it!


Travel Factoid

desert_road_sm.jpgWant to cruise every mile of the United States' 9.3 million miles of roads? Well, at the average '13 ppg of $3.38 (1 gal. of gas=33.7 kW-hr) your fuel costs alone would run you:
BEST: $293,776 - Smart fourtwo (107mpg)
WORST: $2,857,636 - Ford E-350
(11mpg Econo-what???)

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